A Morning with Larry – A Special Program with Larry Perry – Saturday November 10th 2018

LeConte Photo Society is presenting a special program on Saturday November 10 at 10 am at the King Library at 408 high Street in Sevierville,TN with nationally known photographer Larry Perry making his only East Tennessee presentation for the year in a program called,

“A Morning with Larry.” 

 Larry’s programs are unpredictable but always entertaining  and educational, often controversial. He will be showing some of his wild life images as well as passing along neat ideas for packing for travel photography, handy items that will help photographers that are inexpensive,  he may even have some “How to do its” on making slide programs easily, and who knows what else.

 The public is welcome.and for photographers, this program is a must see.

The program is not a part of the King Library.

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