Photo Program – “How To Photograph Birds” By Joe Anderson – Saturday May 4th 2019

The LeConte Photographic Society will host Joe Anderson for a program on “How to Photograph Birds”.  The program will be held on Saturday, May 4th at 10:00am at the King Family Library in Sevierville.

Joe will be showing a one hour slide show on how to photograph birds.  This slide show covers everything from camera setting to how to setup a backyard bird photo setting.  We will cover back button focus, importance of having the correct depth of field, why to shoot in manual and Raw and much more.  He will show people how to set micro adj on their camera so the lens is matched to camera.  He will also bring several devices and show how they can help with photography.

Here is some information on our speaker.  Enlisting in the US Marines in 1962 and attending Naval Aviation School, he served as a flight instructor on KC130F and F4B for seven years.  He has always had an interest in flying and had his private pilot’s license by the age of fifteen.

While in the service he obtained a MSEE degree from USC.  In 1969 he started his own company “Essex Tool and Die Inc.” in NYS.  Shortly after going into business he found himself wanting to advance his education and was back in school this time to receive a MSME degree from Cornell. In 1986 he became a Certified Manufacturing Engineer and went on to become Chapter president for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  In 1987 the business expanded to Florida with the opening of a second location, employing 140 people.  During this time he founded the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida.  He was owner and operator of Essex until 1997 at which time he decided to downsize and sold the business; going into freelance design work for a couple of years under the name of Mechanical Job Solutions.  Over the years in business he was able to obtain 18 patents for automation.

He found himself remarried in 1998 to a great Southern girl from MS.  In 1999 he and his wife MurleneI went to Sweden to meet his cousins, 178 in all, they ended up buying a house and living there until mid-2009.  While in Sweden he had his own consulting business MJS designing automation equipment.  He was able to do a lot of traveling while living in Sweden and enjoyed seeing Europe.  Both he and his wife were able to learn Swedish while living there.  While in Sweden he attended school in the Netherlands for 500 hours to learn the art of oil painting.

Upon returning to the States they put down roots in Eastern TN.  He worked for Oak Ridge Tool Engineering as chief engineer for two years and a short time for Mesa Associates Inc. as manufacturing plant manager and then found there is more to life than work.

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