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Spring Forth



Spring forth

She brushed her hand across the water,
And bright blue springs,
Came gushing up to meet her.

She smiled,
And the light went dancing among the ripples,
Singing a giggling harmony.

She laughed,
And all about a chorus of blossoms erupted,
In a deafening crescendo of color.

As she exhaled,
The forest burst forth,
In a rippling wave of fresh green buds.

As she took repose,
A carpet of fresh green grass,
Rose to meet her.

As she sat among the trees,
The air began to fill with twittering of birds,
As the fawns and otters came to call.

She stretched out her arms,
Seducing the sun from the shadows,
Tickling the warmth to greet her.

She inhaled the fragrant air,
And slept,
For her work was done.

Bc Hannold