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January 2024 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

Carrie Hawkins for “Mr. Blue Eyes”
2nd Place: Joshua James for “Abundance”
3rd Place: Jim Workley for “Wood Duck”

Advanced Division

1st Place: Maggie Gordon for “Old City Wall”
2nd Place: Maggie Gordon for “Friends in the Forest”
3rd Place: Nate Nelson for “The Sand Hill Dance”

Star Division

1st Place: Jerry Whaley for “I See the Light”
2nd Place: Paul Driessche for “White Pelican”
3rd Place: Rick Hawkins for “Pre Flight”

Assignment Division

Black and White

1st Place: Maggie Gordon for “The Night Thief”
2nd Place: Diana Lyle for “Misted Rose”
3rd Place: Paul Driessche for “Morning Light in the Cove”

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