April 2020 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st place – Ross Hughes for “Lotus Bud”
2nd place – Ross Hughes for “Bird of Paradise”
3rd place – Teresa Anders for “Turning the eggs”

Advanced Division

1st place – Ray Wright for “Gus”
2nd place – Ray Wright for “Eagle”
3rd place – Alan Lyle for “The Twins”

Star Division

1st place – Jane Brewer for “Hummer”
2nd place – Cyndy Waters for “Pointing the Way”
3rd place – Rick Elliot for “Prohibition Moppet”

March – Landscapes

1st place – Cyndy Waters for “The Virgin River Flowing Through Zion”
2nd place – Ray Johnson for “Light of the World”
3rd place – Bob Ketteringham for “Rest In Peace”

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