June 2023 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place- Teresa Anders for “The Dive”
2nd Place- Connor Hypes for “The Beard of the Iris”
3rd Place- William Holbert for “Lights On”

Advanced Division

1st Place- Joel Ownby for “Successful Hunt”
2nd Place- Maggie Gordon for “Palace Parapet”
3rd Place- Nate Nelson for “Barnegat Lighthouse”

Star Division

1st Place- Susan Ecklund for “Oconaluftee Overlook Milkyway”
2nd Place- Paul Driessche for “Smoky Ridge”
3rd Place- Diana Lyle for “Trendsetter”

Assignment Division


1st Place- Alan Lyle for “Spring Bouquet”
2nd Place- Cindy Mitchell for “Spring Feeding Time”
3rd Place- William Holbert for “A Budding Out”

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