April 2017 Competition


Beginners Division


1st Place – “Majestic Flyer”Joel Ownby


2nd Place – “Close to the Edge”Ray Johnson


3rd Place – “Upper Antelope”Melinda Adams


Advanced Division

1st Place – “Sammy The Snail”John Soter


2nd Place – “A Magnificent Creature”Mary Miller


3rd Place – “The Red, White And Blue”Rick Hawkins


Star Division

1st Place – “Night Sky At The Toadstools” Roger Trentham


2nd Place – “The Wave”Roger Trentham


3rd Place – Joel Ownby “Purple Glory”place – “My Best Friend”Larry Miller


Assignment Division – August
Night Photography

1st Place – “Tunnel Vision”John Soter


2nd Place – “Under The Milky WayRoger Trentham


3rd Place – “Rising Moon”Joel Ownby


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