July 2017 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Sayrah Shea “Dancer At Rest”

2nd Place – Joel Ownby “Mending the Nest”

3rd Place – Ray Johnson “A New Day of Tranquility”

Advanced Division


1st Place – Rick Hawkins “Lower Trentham Falls”


2nd Place – John Sorter “Farm Pond”


3rd Place Pat Trentham “Morning Mist On Wedge Pond”


Star Division

1st Place – Larry Miller “Black Silk”

2nd Place – Roger Trentham “Colorful Rufous”

3rd Place – Cindy Mitchell “New Family”

Assignment Division – July


1st Place – Susan Ecklund “Making the Water Fly”

2nd Place – Roger Trentham “Swirling Big Creek”

3rd Place – Sayrah Shea “Grand Jete”



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