June 2022 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place Terry Reece for -Hungry Egrets
2nd Place -Marylin Hughes for “Butterfly Smorgasbord
3rd Place Carrie Hawkins for The Patriot“

Advanced Division

1st Place Daniel Vineyard for -The Catch“
2nd Place Paul Driessche for -Sandhill Fly-by“
3rd Place Paul Driessche for – “Coming Home with Dinner“

Star Division

1st Place Roger Trentham for “Who are you-“
2nd Place Susan Ecklund for “Vigilance“
3rd Place Jerry Whaley for “Lake Thomas Infra-Red“

Assignment Division

1st Place Susan Ecklund for “Shadow and Light at Padre Island“
2nd Place Paul Driessche for “Autumn Rays“
3rd Place Terry Reece for “Canyon Shadows“

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