January 2020 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Marylin Hughes – “Cone Flower”
2nd Place – Michelle Light – “Pink Poppy Pollination”
3rd Place – Ross Hughes – “You’ll Never Get a Date If All You Can Do is Eat”

Advanced Division

1st Place – Diana Lyle – “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”
2nd Place – Diana Lyle – “Copious Coleus”
3rd Place – Alan Lyle – “Eye of the Peacock”

Star Division

1st Place – Cyndy B Waters – “Three Wisemen on a Starry Night”
2nd Place – Rick Hawkins – “Fire On The Mountain”
3rd Place – Cindy Mitchell – “Pretty Girl”

 January – Sunrise / Sunset

1st Place – Pat Trentham – “Starburts in the Sunrise”
2nd Place – Marylin Hughes – “Morning Glory”
3rd Place – Alan Lyle – “Blazing Sunrise”

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