December 2022 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place: Marylin Hughes with “Feeling Green”
2nd Place- Terry Reece with “Red and Green Macaw”
3rd Place- Carrie Hawkins with “Eagle”

Advanced Division

1st Place- Dan Vineyard with “Happy Tears off the Sunflower”
2nd Place- Theresa Williams with “Less Celebrated Equally Captivating”
3rd Place: Paul Driessche with “Alfred Reagan’s Tub Mill”

Star Division

1st Place: Alan Lyle with “Bee and Blossom”
2nd Place: Alan Lyle with “Red Passion Flower”
3rd Place: Susan Ecklund with “ A Grand View”

Assignment Division

Western or Wild West

1st Place: Dan Vineyard with “The Bullride Staredown”
2nd Place: Paul Driessche with “Big Splash No Score”
3rd Place: Ross Hughes with “Remembering the Alamo”

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