March 2022 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place Michelle Light for “Daisy Double”
2nd Place Melinda Adams for “Allie”
3rd Place Teresea Anders for “Staring Ahead“

Advanced Division

1st Place Paul Driessche for “Tea Rose“
2nd Place Ross Hughes for “The Lotus and The Dragon“
3rd Place Susan Ecklund for “On The Move“

Star Division

1st Place Diana Lyle for “Hand Up“
2nd Place Roger Trentham for “Forest Shadow“
3rd Place Diana Lyle for “Red Velvet“

Assignment Division

1st Place Roger Trentham for “Little Screecher“
2nd Place Keith McGee for “Catching The Early Light“
3rd Place Paul Driessche for “Gotcha“

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