December 2017 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division


1st Place – Ray Johnson”Great Day In The Morning”



2nd Place – Don McMahon”On A Rainy Morning”


3rd Place – Sue Chappell “Watching the Sunrise”


Advanced Division


1st Place – Rick Hawkins “Lower Potters Falls”


2nd Place – Cyndy B Waters “Natural Beauty”


3rd Place – Ann McMahon”Rust and Blooms”


Star Division


1st Place – Bruce Hannold “Kananaskis View”


2nd Place – Larry Miller “From Russia With Love”


3rd Place – Roger Trentham “Blue Pool”


Assignment Division – Arches


1st Place – Roger Trentham “Milky Way Arch”


2nd Place – Lin Trentham “Window to the Canyon”


3rd Place – Selena Ball”Monet Splendor”


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