February 2018 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division


1st Place – Sayrah Shea “Rose By Any Other Name…”


2nd Place – James Sipiczky “Sharpie”


3rd Place – Melinda Adams “Taking A Rest”


Advanced Division


1st Place – John Sorter “Blue Angel Sunrise”


2nd Place – Rick Hawkins “The Look”


3rd Place – Cyndy B Waters “Grow Where You Planted”


Star Division


1st Place – Roger Trentham “Elegant Egret”


2nd Place – Lin Trentham “Into the Abyss”


3rd Place – Jane Brewer “Snowy Mt. Cammerer”

Assignment Division – Barns


1st Place – Janice Davis “Molton Barn Yellowstone”


2nd Place – Betty Shelton “Barn in Fall Colors”


3rd Place – Nancy Flenniken “Calm After the Snow Storm”


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