December 2016 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division


Jerry King "Making it Rain"

Jerry King “Making it Rain”


Joel Ownby "Fog in the Valley"

Joel Ownby “Fog in the Valley”


Ray Johnson "Haystack Rock"

Ray Johnson “Haystack Rock”

Advanced Division

Selena Ball "Golden Beauty"

Selena Ball “Golden Beauty”


Pat Trentham "Pastel Sunset"

Pat Trentham “Pastel Sunset”


Mary Miller "Snug As A Bug"

Mary Miller “Snug As A Bug”

Star Division

Roger Trentham "Just a Sip"

Roger Trentham “Just a Sip”


Arthur Hatcher "Behind You"

Arthur Hatcher “Behind You”


Roger Trentham "Toroweap"

Roger Trentham “Toroweap”

Assignment Division

December 2016


Bruce Hannold "After the Storm"

Bruce Hannold “After the Storm”

Roger Trentham "Stormy Canyon"

Roger Trentham “Stormy Canyon”

Lin Trentham_"Summer Rains"

Lin Trentham_”Summer Rains”

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