May 2018 Monthly Competition

 Beginners Division

1st Place – Joel Ownby “Lotus”


2nd Place – Karen Bable”I Feel the Need for Speed”


3rd Place – Susan Ecklund “Hawaii’s Volancoes National Park”


Advanced Division


1st Place – Ann McMahon”Land of Layers”


2nd Place – Jerry Hickman”Wooden bridge”


3rd Place – John Soter”Protective Dad”

Star Division


1st Place – Cindy Mitchell”Pruning Time”

2nd Place – Rick Elliott”When Stockings Were Silk”


3rd Place – Larry Miller “Whispering In The Dark”

May Assignment – Frame It

1st Place – Ann McMahon “Snowy Mt. View”


2nd Place – RAY JOHNSON”Bud Ogle’s Barn”


3rd Place – Joel Ownby”Valley thru Trees”



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