November 2020 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Carrie Hawkins for “Gator Hide and Seek”
2nd Place – Marylin Hughes for “Stick Bug”
3rd Place – Nancy Flenniken for “It’s All In How You Look At It”

Advanced Division

1st Place – Susan Ecklund for “Sunrise at the Pond”
2nd Place – Allan Gartner for “Frozen in Mid Air”
3rd Place – Joel Ownby for “Graceful Flyer”

Star Division

1st Place – Cyndy B Waters for “Moonlight In Paradise Valley”
2nd Place – Rick Elliott for “Casablanca”
3rd Place – Rick Hawkins for “Fall Glory”

Assignment Division
Rainy Days and Storms

1st Place – Cyndy B Waters for “Where Steam and Snow Meets”
2nd Place – Alan Lyle for “Lightning Storm”
3rd Place – Pat Trentham for “In the Pouring Rain”


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