October 2021 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place Marylin Hughes for “Water Lily”
2nd Place -Marylin Hughes for “Mama Flower with Babies-
3rd Place -Maggie Gordon for “Mourning Dove“

Advanced Division

1st Place -Ross Hughes for “After the Rain“
2nd Place -Daniel Vineyard for “the catch“
3rd Place -Paul Driessche for “Mingus Creek“

Star Division

1st Place Rick Hawkins for “Seeing Double“
2nd Place Cyndy Waters for “Aurora“
3rd Place -Alan Lyle for “After The Rain“

Assignment Division
Scary Stuff

Paul Driessche for “The Crow“
2nd Place Carrie Hawkins for “Scary Snake“
3rd Place Alan-Lyle for “Feeling Hollow“

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