August 2018 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division


1st Place – Joel Ownby – “Turk Lilly with Swallowtail”


2nd Place – Sayrah Shea – “Off In The Distance”


3rd Place – Melinda Adams – “Country Girl”


Advanced Division


1st Place – Mary Miller – “One Foggy Morning”


2nd Place – John Sorter – “The Raven”


3rd Place – John Sorter – “It’sy bit’sy Spyder”


Star Division


1st Place – Jane Brewer – “Just One More Sip”


2nd Place – Pat Trentham – “Sweet Portrait”


3rd Place – Rick Elliott – “Fountain Maiden”


Assignment Division – August
Marine Life



1st Place – John Sorter – “Come on in the water is warm”


2nd Place – Michelle Light – “Jellyfish”


3rd Place – Marylin Hughes – “Albino Alligator”


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