March 2017 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division


1st Place – Jerry King “Safe!”



2nd Place – Don McMahon “Autumnal Collage



3rd Place – Joel Ownby “Purple Glory”



Advanced Division




1st Place – John Sorter “Little Buck Trying on a Bg Buck, and getting his butt kicked”



2nd Place – Jerry Hickman “All Aboard”



3rd Place – John Sorter “House Without a Roof”


Star Division




1st Place – Larry Miller “Reaching for the Stars”



2nd Place – Larry Miller “Mexican Beauty”



3rd Place – Jerry Whaley “”Maidenhair Fern”


Assignment Division – March
Let it Snow



1st Place – Ann McMahon “Winter on Leconte”



2nd Place – Cindy Mitchell “Fall and Winter”



3rd Place – Bruce Hannold “Greenbrier Cloak”



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