March 2024 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place- Joshua James for “Tropical Colors”
2nd Place- Melinda Adams for “Sunshine on my Shoulders”
3rd Place: Joshua James for “Monkey Business”

Advanced Division

1st Place: Terry Reece for “Grass of Parnassus”
2nd Place: Rich Bryant for “My Dinner”
3rd Place: Marilyn Hughes for “Pelican”

Star Division

1st Place: Cyndy Waters for “Catch of the Day”
2nd Place: Daniel Vineyard for “Rolling Along”
3rd Place: Alan Lyle for “Ultraviolet Hellebore”

Assignment Division

People Portraits

1st Place: Susan Ecklund for “Eli”
2nd Place: Teresa Anders for “Young Flapper”
3rd Place: Rich Bryant for “Roadside Architecture”

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