March 2018 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division


1st Place – Saryrah Shea – “Feya”



2nd Place – Joanna Garrett – “Early Monring Frost”



3rd Place – Karen Bable – “Solitude”

Advanced Division



1st Place – John Sorter – “Desert Bridge”



2nd Place – Cyndy B Waters – “Monica and Her Menagerie”



3rd Place – Betty Shellton – “Home to my Babies”

Star Division


1st Place – Roger Trentham “Spotted Sandpiper”



2nd Place – Lin Trentham “Land of Clouds”



3rd Place – Bruce Hannold – “”Little River Morning”


Assignment Division – Monochrome



1st Place – Joanna Garett – “Ingrid And Ox”



2nd Place – Jerry Whaley – “Clouds in the Canyon”



3rd Place – Mary Miller – “Sepia Dancer”


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