June 2017 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division


1st Place – Karen Bable “It’s a Tangled Wisteria We Weave”


2nd Place – Ray Johnson “Yosemite Coffee Fog”


3rd Place – Melinda Adams “Taking Up the Net”


Advanced Division


1st Place – John Sorter “Ruby Falls”


2nd Place – Rick Hawkins “Cumberland Mountains State Park”


3rd Place – Rick Haw kins “White on White”


Star Division


1st Place – Larry Miller “Prima Ballerina”


2nd Place -Cindy Mitchell “Springtime”


3rd Place – Rick Elloitt “Film Noir”


Assignment Division – June



1st Place – Roger Trentham “Coneflower King”


2nd Place – Karn Bable “We All Have Baggage”


3rd Place – Joel Ownby “Assassin”



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