May 2022 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place Teresea Anders for “Knothead”
2nd Place Maggie Gordon for “The Litlle Homemaker”
3rd Place Nancy Flenniken for “Iggy on the Wall“

Advanced Division

1st Place Daniel Vineyard for “Staredown”
2nd Place Theresa Williams for “Porter’s Creek Trail“
3rd Place Daniel Vineyard for “Reflecting Back“

Star Division

1st Place Roger Trentham for “Fox Kits“
2nd Place Alan Lyle for “Eye of the Butterfly“
3rd Place Susan Exklund for “Goldfish at Lower Antelope Slot Canyon“

Assignment Division

1st Place Ross Hughes for “Inner Glow“
2nd Place Cyndy B Waters for “The World Inside An Iris“
3rd Place Alan Lyle for “Magnolia Closeup“

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