August 2017 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Susan Ecklund “On My Way to the Milky Way”

2nd Place – Jerry King “Heron Reflection”


3rd Place – Sayrah Shea “Dancer On The Rocks”


Advanced Division



1st Place – Ann McMahon “Beauty in the Pond”

2nd Place – Rick Hawkins “Stillness in Motion”

3rd Place – Pat Trentham “The Crown”


Star Division



1st Place – Rick Elliott “Mandy in the Afternoon”


2nd Place – Larry Miller “Almost Ready”


3rd Place – Rick Elliott “A Very Young Broken Heart”


Assignment Division – July



1st Place – Jerry King “Boom”


2nd Place – Pat Trentham “The Fourth Of July”


3rd Place – Karen Bable “Boom”


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