July 2023 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place: Teresa Anders for “Tiger Lily”
2nd Place: Carrie Hawkins for “Dancing Like No One is Watching”
3rd Place- William Holbert for “Whats Up”

Advanced Division

1st Place- Terry Reece for “Anole”
2nd Place- Ross Hughes for “A Colorful Day in My Garden”
3rd Place- Ross Hughes for “Flor de Maga, National Flower of Puerto Rico”

Star Division

1st Place- Alan Lyle for “Red Beauty”
2nd Place- Susan Ecklund for “Tide Coming in at Nubble Lighthouse”
3rd Place- Dan Vineyard for “Rose After the Storm”

Assignment Division

Signs of Spring

1st Place- Alan Lyle. For “Here’s Looking at You”
2nd Place- Ross Hughes for “And the Curtain Rises”
3rd Place- Teresa Anders for “Gathering Pollen”

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