How to Look at and Critique Images

with Colby McClemore

Photo Program MARCH 11, 2023 @ 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST


Photographers often talk about everything possible except the images themselves. They have long and involved discussions on gear all the time. Can you imagine painters talking more about their brushes than their artwork? The conversation hopefully evolves to technique, which is very important as well. Unfortunately, you can have the best equipment and use the exceptional technique to create the most uninspired and boring images possible, while children who use cell phones every day and don’t even know how to hold the thing create works of art.

I’m not saying photographers should stop talking about cameras and techniques, but they should also start talking about the images. This can be daunting because feelings can get hurt, so it must be done with empathy. It takes experience to interpret the feelings that you are having and formulate words around those feelings. Finally, it takes dedication to force yourself to experience images in a new way, but the rewards are exceptional. Instead of spending more money on gear, instead of learning technically how to photograph more effectively, you have the opportunity to develop a skill that will lead to more impactful images that make your and the viewers’ heart sing. I think there is nothing better to spend your time on than learning to look at images with a critical eye.  I would appreciate your posting below if you plan to come or if you have any comments afterward.Add to calendar


Date: March 11, 2023
Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm EST  Cost: Free Event

LeConte Photographic Society


King Family Library408 High St
Sevierville, 37862Phone:(865) 453-3532

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