June 2019 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Don McMahon “Teriffic Trillium”
2nd Place – Michelle Light “Hen Pecked Egret”
3rd Place – Christine Peileke “Indian Peaks Wilderness Area”

Advanced Division

1st Place – Diana Lyle “Pretty Polly”
2nd Place – Cyndy B Waters “Walking To Work”
3rd Place – Diana Lyle “Lily Leaf”

Star Division

1st Place – Larry Miller “Like a Candle in the Wind”
2nd Place – Lin Trentham “Canyon Colors”
3rd Place – Roger Trentham “Grand Opening”

Assignment Division
Candid Street Shots

1st Place – Cyndy B Waters “Oblivious”
2nd Place – Maggie Gordon “Remembering in the Rain”
3rd Place – Pat Trentham “River Street Sweets”


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