August 2019 Monthy Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Marylin Hughes “Little Girl”
2nd Place – Susan Ecklund “The Storm at Fairy Pool”
3rd Place – Dorothy McClure “Storm Clouds”

Advanced Division

1st Place – Beverly Moore “Just a-puffin”
2nd Place – Cyndy B Waters “Young Samburu Leopard”
3rd Place – Alan Lyle “Hanging Out”

Star Division

1st Place – Lin Trentham “Ruby Throated and a Cardinal”
2nd Place – John Sorter “Reflections”
3rd Place – Roger Trentham “Desolation”

August – Macro or Close Up

1st Place – Christine Peileke “After the Rain Day Lily”
2nd Place – Cindy Mitchell “Hibiscus”
3rd Place – Dawn Johnston “Candy Bubbles”

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