May 2019 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Michelle Light “Azalea after the rain”
2nd Place – Maggie Gordon “Twisted”
3rd Place – Don McMahon “Columbine”

Advanced Division

1st Place – Allan Gartner “A Leisure Time at the WIldlife Refuge”
2nd Place – Cyndy B Waters “Longing For Poingwe”
3rd Place – Alan Lyle “Cold Turkey”

Star Division

1st Place – Pat Trentham “At the Pond”
2nd Place – Elliott Rick “The Last Date”
3rd Place – Rick Elliott “Cowboy”

Assignment Division Reflections

1st Place – Pam Ragon “Icy Mirror”
2nd Place – Christine Peileke “Teton “Reflection”
3rd Place – Maggie Gordon “Ethereal Swamp”

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