November 2016 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

"Did Someone Say Lunch" Karen Bable

“Did Someone Say Lunch” Karen Bable

"Citico Creek      Rick Hawkins

“Citico Creek Rick Hawkins


"Morning Magic" Don McMahon

“Morning Magic” Don McMahon

Advanced Division


"Peaceful Easy Feeling" Selena Ball

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” Selena Ball

"The Old Methodist Church" Mary Miller

“The Old Methodist Church” Mary Miller

"Rainy Night" Pat Trentham

“Rainy Night” Pat Trentham


Star Division

"Angel Tree" Cindy Mitchell

“Angel Tree” Cindy Mitchell

"Fog On The Mountain" Larry Miller

“Fog On The Mountain” Larry Miller

"Magnolia Gardens" Cindy Mitchell

“Magnolia Gardens” Cindy Mitchell

Assignment Division


Abandoned or Old Buildings

"Old Sheldon Church Ruins" Pat Trentham

“Old Sheldon Church Ruins” Pat Trentham

"Our House, Was a Very Very Fine House" Larry Miller

“Our House, Was a Very Very Fine House” Larry Miller

"Nothing Left But The Walls" Jerry King

“Nothing Left But The Walls” Jerry King

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