March 2019 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Susan Ecklund – “Morning Glory”

2nd Place – Susan Ecklund – “Duncansby Stacks Sunrise”

3rd Place – Ray Johnson – “The Totem Pole”

Advanced Division

1st Place – Cyndy B. Waters – “Sunswept Skies Over Naiborkaju”

2nd Place – Alan Lyle – “Angel Oak”

3rd Place – Alan Gartner – “Noon at the Antelope Slot Canyon”

Star Division

1st Place – Roger Trentham – “Greeting the Day”

2nd Place – Jane Brewer – “Just Passing the Time of Day”

3rd Place – Jerry Whaley – “Faded Glory”

Assignment Division –

1st Place – Jerry Whaley – “Linn Cove on the Blue Ridge”

2nd Place – Betty Shelton – “Long, Lonely Road”

3rd Place – Ann McMahon – “Red Rock Canyon”

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