August 2020 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Ross Hughes for “Eagle at Sunrise”
2nd Place – Don McMahon for “Natures Order”
3rd Place – Christine Peileke for “Hairy Wildflowers”

Advanced Division

1st Place – Joel Ownby for “Milky Way on Foothills”
2nd Place – Susan Ecklund for “Landing”
3rd Place – Ray Wright for “Young Deer”

Star Division

1st Place – Cindy Mitchell for “Orchid splendor”
2nd Place – Cyndy B Waters for “Neowise Comet”
3rd Place – Rick Elliott for “Wood and Silk”

Assignment Division – Emotions

1st Place – Rick Elliott for “Three Faces of Eve”
2nd Place – Ross Hughes for “NO BANANAS–It’s a Sad, Sad Situation”
3rd Place – Carrie Hawkins for “Sadness”

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