February 2022 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place Melinda Adams for “Girl with a Lamb”
2nd Place -Michelle Light for “Napping Mom Egret”
3rd Place -Teresea Anders for “Seeing double“

Advanced Division

1st Place -Susan Ecklund for “Breaching Whale“
2nd Place -Daniel Vineyard for “The Call“
3rd Place -Diana Lyle for “What shall I do today“

Star Division

1st Place Rick Hawkins for “The Last Spark“
2nd Place Roger Trentham for “King of the Tetons“
3rd Place -Alan Lyle for “Butterfly Eyes“

Assignment Division

1st Place Roger Trentham for “Snowy Tetons“
2nd Place Lin Trentham for “Olympic Sunrise“
3rd Place Daniel Vineyard for “Snowy Stream“

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