June 2018 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division


1st Place – Sayrah Shea – “Ballet With Attitude”


2nd Place – Susan Ecklund – “Cat Eyes”


3rd Place – Pam Ragon – “Sea Lions”


Advanced Division


1st Place – Rick Hawkins – “Hornbill”


2nd Place – Mary Miller – “Beauty Is Waiting to Be Found”


3rd Place – John Soter – “Layers of the earth”

Star Division


1st Place – Jane Brewer – “Sweets for the Sweetie”


2nd Place – Cindy Mitchell – “Blue Heron Family”


3rd Place – Larry Miller – “The Work Our”


Assignment Division – Horses

1st Place – Larry Miller – “Past and Future Winners”


2nd Place – Karen Bable – “The Agony of It All”


3rd Place – Joel Ownby – “Barrel Rider”


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