April 2019 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Marylin_Hughes “Lotus”
2nd Place – Ross Hughes “Eagle”
3rd Place – Janice_Davis “Perfect Formation”

Advanced Division

1st Place – Rick Hawkins “Think Prince…Think Prince”
2nd Place – Alan Lyle “Peach Iris”
3rd Place – Diana Lyle “Great Expectations”

Star Division

1st Place – Lin Trentham “Reaching for the stars”
2nd Place – Roger Trentham “Nature’s artwork”
3rd Place – Roger_Trentham “All the pretty colors”

Assignment Division –
People at Work

1st Place – Cyndy B Waters “Safi Harvesting Seaweed, Zanzibar, Africa”
2nd Place – Betty Shelton “Carving Walking Sticks”
3rd Place – Allan Gartner “Picking Up Train Orders

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