Beginners Division

1st Place- Joshua James for “Brier Fall”
2nd Place- Melinda Adams for “The Wedding Guest”
3rd Place- Keith Mcgee for “A Reflective Pause”

Advanced Division

1st Place: Maggie Gordon for “Cardinal”
2nd Place: Marylin Hughes for “Roadside Falls”
3rd Place: Maggie Gordon for “Foggy River Reflection”

Star Division

1st Place: Daniel Vineyard for “Enjoying the Sunset”
2nd Place: Ross Hughes for “Andromeda Galaxy”
3rd Place: Susan Ecklund for “Oconaluftee Starburst”

Assignment Division


1st Place: Daniel Vineyard for “Capturing the Motion of the Model”
2nd Place: Jerry Hickman for “Can I get off now”
3rd Place: Ross Hughes for “Electric Dancer”

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