October 2020 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place – Pam Ragon for “Hawkeye”
2nd Place – Pam Ragon for “Soulful Eyes”
3rd Place – Maggie Gordon for “Carolina Wren”

Advanced Division

1st Place – Alan Lyle for “Humming Hover”

2nd Place – Alan Lyle for “Woody Feast”
3rd Place – Diana Lyle for “Lounging Lioness”

Star Division

1st Place – Cyndy B Waters for “Return to Oz”
2nd Place – John Sorter for “Birds Eye View”
3rd Place – Cindy Mitchell for “What’s Your Name”

Assignment Division
Bugs, Spiders and Crawly Things

1st Place – Christine Peileke for “Praying Mantis”
2nd Place – Joel Ownby for “Dragon Fly Resting”
3rd Place – John Sorter for “Dragon Fly”

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