February 2019 Monthly Competition


Beginners Division


1st Place – Christine Peileke – “Sunburst Morning”

2nd Place – Dawn Johnston – “Dining at the dam”

3rd Place – Christine Peileke – “Morning Snow”



Advanced Division


1st Place – Rick Hawkins – “Into These Hills”

2nd Place – Cyndy B. Waters – “Water Color Dayton”

3rd Place – Beverly Moore – “Mommy said I can’t pick flowers”


Star Division


1st Place – Roger Trentham – “Pretty Pair”

2nd Place – Jane Brewer – “Pride of Emerts Cove”

3rd Place – Cindy Mitchell – “Foggy Cadillac Mtn”


Assignment Division – Bridges

1st Place – Pat Trentham – “Magnolia Plantation”

2nd Place – John Soter – “Bridge over the Gorge”

3rd Place – Ross Hughes – “A Bridges Memories”

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