November 2017 Monthly Competition

Beginners Division

1st Place Susan_Ecklund – “Sunrise at Acadia National Park”


2nd Place Don McMahon – “Been Around”


3rd Place Melinda Adams – “Marshy Shore”


Advanced Division

1st Place Cindy B Waters – “Morning Rising”


2nd Place Rick Hawkins – “Im Ready For Bed”


3rd Place Cindy B Waters – “Still Life at Iron Rock Pond”


Star Division

1st Place Rick Elliott – “Retired_Boxer”


2nd Place Pat Trentham – “Wet Back Frog”


3rd Place Larry Miller – “Pretty In Red”


Assignment Division – September


1st Place Cindy Waters – “The Old Has Passed Away and the New is Still to Come”


2nd Place Cindy Mitchell – “New Baby”


3rd Place Don McMahon – “Birth of a Sunflower”


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